It’s Too Darn Hot

Look, I’m from the Prairies. I can handle a little heat but this be cray New York. It is hurting my feelings how hot it is. And I’m definitely pointing out the obvious here but by golly THE HUMIDITY. That constant feeling that I have somehow wet myself is not something I want to get used to. EVER. You know that thing where people who have regular jobs go away for the Christmas holidays to some place tropical. I think maybe I should make it habit to go somewhere cooler in the summer. Like Siberia.

So I googled ‘how to stay cool’ because I’m trying out the possibility that maybe this could be an educational blog?! (Listen, my blog is in adolescence and she is still trying to figure out who she REALLY is). Also because I was hoping something somewhat humourous would pop up. No go, but I did learn you can put cold packs on your wrists to cool down. I don’t have those but I do have these fancy frozen organic tri-colour peppers:

Oh and apparently a bottle of wine behind me. Better get on that…

In all seriousness, it is pretty hard for me to stay sane and grateful in this weather. I mostly want to sleep and punch slow walkers when they be slow walking on my way to the air conditioning.  I am easily agitated and even the smallest set backs put me over the edge. You know, the ‘I’m never coming back to New York’ kind of edge. True, I think collectively this city has felt the same way as me this week and its ok to be a bit snarfy about the weather but really Samantha, PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER. This too shall pass, and New York will still be full of all the wonderful opportunities and adventures that you have had the extreme joy to be a part of. Alas, the smell may still linger but hey I’m a smelly girl. What’s a little extra stink following me down 8th ave. The end of the heat wave is near my friends. PLEASE DEAR MOSES.

P.S. Fun fact-I had to look up how to spell the words adolescence and agitated. And I spell humourous the Canadian (*cough right cough*)way. You can make fun of me. Oh and I don’t think snarfy is really a word…

P.P.S Here is a shot of Peter, Kyle and I before we did our steamy (literally) numbers from Phantom at Bryant Park. See, that day was HOT and I still had a lot of fun so putting that in my memory box of happy things that can go down when it is too darn hot hot. Thank you to everyone who came out to support us. That audience was so lovely! 2013-07-20 00.31.06



The 2013 Tony Awards with Phantom

Yikes. This post is a bit belated but most of these photos I have posted yet so I figured better late than never.

THE TONY AWARDS. What a crazy experience. It would pretty accurate to describe it as surreal. Performing on the tony awards has definitely been one of my dreams and what a blast it was. Everyone working on the show were so kind and the excitement backstage was tangible. Even a month later I still can’t believe I got to be a part of one of the biggest celebrations of theatre performing with a such a beloved show.  For millions of people. A BREEZE.

Here are a few moments I captured from the rehearsals to the actual day.IMG_1603 IMG_1631 IMG_1653 On our way to dress rehearsal! IMG_1663 IMG_1669 IMG_1674 Backstage madnessIMG_1676

Me with the Cast of Kinky Boots ^!