The 2013 Tony Awards with Phantom

Yikes. This post is a bit belated but most of these photos I have posted yet so I figured better late than never.

THE TONY AWARDS. What a crazy experience. It would pretty accurate to describe it as surreal. Performing on the tony awards has definitely been one of my dreams and what a blast it was. Everyone working on the show were so kind and the excitement backstage was tangible. Even a month later I still can’t believe I got to be a part of one of the biggest celebrations of theatre performing with a such a beloved show.  For millions of people. A BREEZE.

Here are a few moments I captured from the rehearsals to the actual day.IMG_1603 IMG_1631 IMG_1653 On our way to dress rehearsal! IMG_1663 IMG_1669 IMG_1674 Backstage madnessIMG_1676

Me with the Cast of Kinky Boots ^!


One thought on “The 2013 Tony Awards with Phantom

  1. Hey Samantha!

    Just wanted to say hey! My mom and I are visiting New York from Edmonton and went to see The Phantom last night. The show was amazing and you are soooooo talented!! It was also a treat to see that you are from the prairies : ) Keep it up!

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